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tv   Today  NBC  June 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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it is friday! picnic day. june 3rd. getting ready for the weekend. i am happy all of the kids are making great music. do you know them? >> i don't. i know. every now and then. by the way, we decided to summer it up. >> it is the first weekend in june. >> trying to see what it feels like at a picnic table near the
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ocean. >> one of our favorite ladies, jessie mueller is with us, won the tony for best actress in "beautiful." she's in the running for another one. >> when i saw her as carole king, i thought i couldn't see her in another role. >> and she's so good. >> lovely lily and a back with the looks for less. everything she wears i want. >> because it is size 6. >> and since it is try day friday. >> leslie brought us some bottles to match perfectly with your summer cookout. all for under $15. >> this woman knows how to drink. >> you know the strange sounds your body makes, we will help you decipher them. they may mean something. you need to listen to your body. >> first of all, importantly the
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lead story of the show, national donut day. >> yes. in honor of you, hoda. it is strange how it started. the salvation army founded it, donut day in 1938 to pay tribute to the female volunteers that provided donuts and other supplies to soldiers in world war i. >> in honor of that, brought an assortment of supply offent mans. >> i love the cake blueberry ones. >> okay. and is this cream filled? >> yes. >> does it have cream in the middle like vanilla cream? >> these are dunkin' donuts, these are ent erenmann's. >> why don't you smell it. >> i don't want to wear it this weekend. you know why. >> we have a question for you.
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how protective. >> why are you watching -- that's the biggest question for you. >> you should ask yourself that. >> number two. how protective are you of your bed. let's pretend you're in your bedroom and someone walks in your bedroom in street clothes and sits down on your bed. maybe they've just been on a bus, a plane. you say come on up, i want to show you pictures and they sit on your bed. our entire staff was horrified people sit on each other's beds in clothes. >> i guess people are worried about things you sit on in other places and transferring it to your bed. >> like your purse you put on the floor, the purse could be filthier than a bathroom. >> you carry it with you on
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someone's bed and set it down? >> i don't know that i plopped on someone's bed in my life. if there was a purpose to it, damn right i did. but i have some of my dearest friends never been in my bedroom. >> i have been in your bedroom. >> you never plopped on my bed, you were going to the bathroom going through. >> but would it bother you if someone sat down to talk to you? >> a very clean friend, we both have the dogs on the bed. >> my dogs's nose has been places i don't want to think about. >> the writer says she doesn't let people sit on her bed in street clothes, talks about where they have been, city bunch, bar school. i bet they're sick all the time. they're terrified of the germs all the time. >> we have enough to worry about. would you put a piece of
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luggage, plop it on the bed, unzip it, unpack it. >> no, there's a separate room for that, i wouldn't. but you do. >> i do. because it is convenient. you know -- >> we have a producer that shall be nameless. i think they're the same human beings. she vacuums her, dust busts her luggage. >> everyone is going crazy. let's move on to something joyful. >> we want to know what you think. >> okay. so do you sing in the shower? >> yes. >> you do? >> you take baths. >> i take showers on days i wash my hair. not every day. >> take a look. which region do you think people sing in the shower the most?
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angie's list did the survey. they say people sing in the shower live in texas, louisiana, arkansas, and oklahoma. >> half the people in those states sing while showering. >> who knows this. >> probably because they take quick showers. i like to linger in the shower. >> and the west coast. the east coast girls are hip. what is your song. if you want to hear a few bars of the greatest singing ever. hope it is at the right part of the song. ♪ ♪ papa watch me fly
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>> how long does she hold this note! ♪ long time. go barbara! thank you. >> piece of sky. >> that's a great song. >> mine is in the same vein. guy named flow rider ♪ welcome to my house ♪ we don't go have to go out ♪ welcome to my house. >> which do you prefer, people? we need a wine bottle on that one. >> we have to show some cute
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videos. how about a dog spooning with a cat. let's watch that. >> oh. where's the cat? >> looks like a pig. >> oh, there's the dog, there's the cat. oh! >> how about the dogs, the pinwheel of pups. and go. >> they do that every time, apparently. >> working off calories. >> just walk and eat. >> you know what it is time for? friday funny. >> what do you call a fake noodle? >> i don't know. >> aim impasta.
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think about this when your car starts rattling. you check under the hood. >> same should go for your body. pops and twitches may seem random. but it is your body saying a little help please. >> and dr. natalie az ar is here. >> you hear the body, you say to yourself. >> say take a message. >> but these things you should pay attention to. >> these are things that happen to all of us at some point or another. >> twitching eyelid. >> that means you're tired, stressed, staring in front of the computer too long. take a break. >> all right. >> i am going to be playing the devil today, i feel bad, the
10:14 am
warning symptoms that could go along with something like this. things that can cause eye twitching, bell's palsy, multiple sclerosis. usually if you have eye twitching in isolation, not a big deal. if you have other involuntary movements in other parts of your body, maybe there's an underlying muscle or nerve disorder and you should see somebody. isolated twitching here and there -- >> and again, if you have other corresponding symptoms. >> go to a doctor. >> and ears pop. >> this happens to us. it is your body's way of stopping the ear drum from rupturing. it is releasing pressure. if you're on an elevator that goes up too fast, the tubes can't keep up in an elevator or when a plane takes off. it is equalibrium, pressure
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being equalized so the drum doesn't rupture. >> could it be anything else? >> the concern is you will rupture an ear drum, if you have drainage, pain, fever, see someone. one question is what about kids on the airplane, hard to tell a two-year-old to yawn. swallowing, chewing. i often give them something. chewing gum. >> ruin their teeth. moving down. >> burp. >> it is releasing air in your stomach that would build up and become uncomfortable. so it is necessary. >> the only concern, can be seen for people with underlying ulcers. concern signs here, we highlighted the stomach. we have burping in addition to
10:16 am
abdominal pain, weight loss, bloody school. things like that, get evaluated. if it is just burping, avoid carbonated beverages, chewing with the mouth open. >> even a straw. you get more air. >> cramping muscles. >> good old fashioned charlie horse, dehydrated, electrolight imbalance. when swimming, exercising, drink a lot of water. >> even when you're sleeping. >> times i get concerned about cramping, people say the back of their legs hurt when they're walking. that could indicate vascular disease, means hardening of the arteries that go to the leg. and the other one where you have arthritis in the back that causes pain, fatigue, cramping in legs. >> thank you for joining us. appreciate it.
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summertime means summer wine, but it is never fun to drink on an empty stomach. >> before you host a backyard cookout, you want to learn how to match your wine with your
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meal. here is wine expert, author of "wine for women." >> hello, darling. >> we have our glasses on for fun in the sun. >> hard to read the prompter, but anyway -- >> the key is wine and all fres co food, these wines are all under $15. we kickoff chips and guac. don't worry about margarita. a wine with a splash of lime. >> what is this? >> it is a not peen oh grigio. >> the matriarch of the family. >> i love the color. >> isn't it beautiful? >> and the packaging is great
10:22 am
fun. >> walk away from that. >> stay with me. drink pink. drink pink. we are now the second rose afrom france. >> we want to talk about ice. this is a rose from north of france. it is like derriere. this is a beautiful -- supposed to have it with shrimp. >> when you pair it something with acidity. >> nice. >> you don't have to pay a fortune for these. >> it is great. i put ice in mine. it is okay to do that. especially okay if you make the ice cube with the win.
10:23 am
get a tray and do that. >> did you write that down? >> that will change my life. >> it is okay. want you to grab a glass. yummy fish tacos. this is hot, hot, hot. >> this is a great variety. >> grillo. >> i like that. >> a wonderful wine from stemmari. >> how much is that? >> 9.99. >> $11. >> 6 bucks. >> wines from cicely are affordable and perfect. >> i got to tell you, i don't like to cheat on myself.
10:24 am
that's good. >> goes great with fish. comes from cicely which is an island. what goes together grows together. last one, this is a terrific value, twice the price wine. goes great with spicy burgers. and you can go online, printout a customized label for free and bad sex for seven years, send you a customized father's day label. josh is named for his dad. a legacy. isn't it beautiful? $14 a bottle. >> that's great. liliana invites us to the dressing room. and carole king. >> we love jessie. >> grab a cup of coffee for this after your local news. news. can you actually love
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smoky oak perfection? oh wait, that was us. ♪ only at applebee's. donald trump is campaigning in redding. but last night's chaos at a rally in san jose is maki io happening now. donald trump is campaigning in redding. last night's chaos at a rally in san jose is making national headlines. it's also the top trending item on our website. link to the story and images on our facebook page. uc-berkeley this morning is dealing with a new controversy surrounding a staff member and
10:27 am
accusations of sexual assault. that story you can find in our twitter feed. a former member in the hit series "glee" is expected to surrender to authorities accused in a child pornography page. link to the update on our home page under entertainment headlines.
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the morning off to a pretty comfortable start.
10:29 am
our valleys will be soaring well into the 90s by the south bay. 80s down the peninsula, closer to 90 in palo alto. for the north bay, numbers in the 90s. tri-valley upper 90s to near 100 degrees. for the weekend we'll see increasing clouds. weather system moving up from the south. we also hope to knock down our temperatures. not by a whole lot. at least away from 100 degrees for the tri-valley. 90s inland for the weekend and 70s near san francisco and coasts with high clouds. now your morning drive with mike. >> it's a lighter flow of traffic. we had some trouble spots. in san jose we had a fire on the side of the road that's been put out. the fire truck. no problems, no harm no foul for the roadways. we have slowing northbound. jammed up from mission. before you get to mission, awe the way up to north of durham. we're watching for that activity. should be cleared soon. meanwhile, the crash over here, west 580 at 238, a slow spot. no problem forward the bay
10:30 am
bridge. >> sounds good. thank you very much, mike. join us later on today. you can always find updates on the day's news on our social platforms and it is try day friday. jessie mueller won a tony for her performance as musical icon carole king in one of my favorite shows "beautiful." now she's starring in another hit production called "waitress". >> she place a small town server that dreams of escaping her loveless marriage with these pies. there's not the only thing. >> jessie. snap. >> we loved it. >> did you watch it bf? >> uh-huh. i had seen it shortly after it came out. i remember seeing previews. what is this. i felt like it was ahead of its
10:31 am
time. it was quirky. the subject matter was current, honest. i was taken with it. >> this is about a real person. not a real person, someone you could identify with as a real person. >> a human being, going through life, trying to figure it out. >> stuck with a nasty husband. >> after you did "beautiful" you won the tony, now you're choosing what you want to be in next. what was it about this project you said i would like to get involved in that? >> i think it kind of tugged as my heart strings. i remembered the movie and being taken with it. and i heard early devil score, and i had an emotional reaction to the music. i was like wow, that doesn't happen all the time. i sort of knew. there was something in my heart. >> did you have to try out? or you're jessie, they want to give it you.
10:32 am
>> i am very fortunate. got a call, diane pollack that directed wants to meet with you, talk about doing a workshop of this. >> people don't understand the workshop process, it can take years and years for a show to get to broadway. >> absolutely. so many steps are helpful before you get to what you see. >> people don't understand that a song that didn't exist yesterday is a song they're putting in tonight. during tryouts, you don't know what show you're doing. >> rehearse something new, but don't put it in that night, put in the old version and put in the new thing later. >> how did you find out you were nominated for the tony. >> i was at home this time. nominations came out tuesday. we had just opened the week prior. i went into the studio sunday night to start recording the album. monday we were here with you
10:33 am
guys. then we went back to the studio. we were at the studio until late. i was given permission to sleep in. i slept in that morning and i wasn't expecting anything. i woke up to lots of texts. >> let's play a game called diner lingo. were you ever a waitress? >> i cater waitered. the person that stands around at parties, banana cream pie with coconut topping. >> that's the easy way, isn't it. >> kind of. >> we're going to read off. these are actual terms for things that you have to answer what they are. >> no pressure. >> adam and eve on a raft and wreck them. >> i think it is eggs and sausage on toast and wreck them, scrambled eggs.
10:34 am
>> you got it. >> burn one, take it through the garden, put a rose on it. >> toast it, put some vegetables on it, and stick a garnish. >> burger with lettuce and tomato. >> really? >> shingle with a shim ian a shake. >> shingle is toast. >> toast and jam. buttered toast and jam. >> you're darn cute in waitress. >> nervous pudding. >> jell-o. >> heart attack on a wreck. >> biz cuscuits and gravy. >> check out "waitress" on
10:35 am
broadway. she's wonderful. >> it will drop in the real form in july. these are copies for you. >> thank you. coming up, the hot fashion trend making a come back again. >> lovely liliana shows you how to pull it off. >> and for 50 bucks. and for 50. someone is carrying well,locally grown produce
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we are here to check out, how are you? >> you look gorgeous today. >> you too. you see a throw back happening? >> this is a trend that's a little bit of a throw back. culottes. what is it, it means a split skirt. back in victorian days, women weren't allowed to wear pants. that's what it is, it is a long pant. they're back. super versatile, very wearable. all body types. start with the first look. she's wearing appropriate
10:41 am
culottes. it is a tailored version. it is a bold color. >> orange is big. >> orange is a little of that red tone. these are from express. under $50. if you're curvy, look for a tailored one, it highlights your assets you have going on, do it with a cross top. this jacket and top, she looks fantastic. >> thank you. >> next is danielle jonas, wearing a beach inspired culotte. you could wear it for vacation, stroll on the beach. she's showing us our beach inspired culotte. it is loose, flowy. these are from love culture. under $30. you can wear that with a flat. lot of times you think you can't. make sure it has long stripes.
10:42 am
if you're petite, hers have stripes, vertical stripes elongating the body. mine as well. and the top from forever 21. >> yours are down by the ankles. >> i like it from right below the knee to above the ankle. it is a comfort thing. most think if you're petite they have to be shorter. i like them long. it adds the illusion of a long body line. and the last but not least, j.lo shows us culottes. she looks beautiful in everything. this is a dressed up version. susie has a printed culotte. they have elastic, they're under $30. the print is modern and graphic. very much the summer. bold pop of color and white shoe. the look screams summertime style.
10:43 am
>> lovely, thank you. before kids whine all summer that they're bored, keep them busy. >> carly is with us. >> cheers, ladies! >> bye, everybody, nice to talk to you. ybody, nice to talk to you. well, first you start with this. then add this. and this face... wait, we can do better. yeah... that's the one. and of course fresh brewed lipton iced tea. because it goes great with this. woops, more of these. and definitely more of this. ah, that can wait. but not you buddy. huh what's this? ah... i like it. what makes a lipton meal? what you bring to it. and the bright refreshing taste of lipton iced tea. lipton. be more tea.
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if your kids are out of school or about to be, won't be long before the summer learning slide sets in. >> when they forget everything they learned in the school year and are glued to tablets and cell phones. >> here to keep their minds moving, digital life-style expert carly. it is a big problem. >> and you don't want it to be a free for all, get on the screens in the morning and --
10:49 am
>> how do you keep your kid off the screen 24/7. >> first thing, i recommend you get on the same page about screen rules before summer starts. it is hard to reel it in after a free for all. i have an article that helps you with ways to talk to the kids and a contract that you can print out and fill out with your kids, everyone will sign it. you define it as a family. >> and they know what they're getting into. >> helps get them involved about the rules and where and when you can use the screen. so this is circle. you connect to your home wi-fi. it helps you control and set limits for every device. >> turn it off at a certain point. >> yes, set curfews. set time limits per app. you look at the graphics here, this is what the profile looks
10:50 am
like on anna's ipad. she has 15 minutes of facebook time, she already used it up. five and a half hours the device goes to sleep. set timelines per app. >> and then it goes away. >> yes. this is what the parents' interface looks like. if you want this to go to a device that isn't wi-fi, you need circle go for 9.95 a month. that covers ten devices. even for the summer it is a good investment. >> talking brain drain. a lot of kids forget what they learned. start with preschool kids. >> this is 29.95. these grow with kids from 3 to 8. these are cute. devices to put on the screen, they're learning the numbers.
10:51 am
they have age appropriate things. teach core concepts of math, letters, shapes. tiggly words. >> that's adorable. >> you want a break from school but not learning. >> they feel like they're playing. >> this is what age? >> 3 to 7, some up to 8. 4 to 8. and 1 to 5. >> i get that. >> they feel like they're playing a game but they're learning. >> where are we. preventing summer learning slide. >> if you have a budding writer, photographer, chef, illustrator, give them an idea of creative work they can publish their own magazine. they have a great website where you can print a magazine. >> this is crazy. and it starts at $3.99.
10:52 am
you can print a graphic novel or comic book. they can be working on something creative, keeping writing skills sharp, art skills sharp. this is like a budding chef, making a recipe book. >> this is called blurb. i have a graphic of the software. i put in some pictures of us going to the road museum in l.a. easy to put it in. >> for high school kids. >> middle school, i have all video learning for free, you get access to e-learning courses. this is building patterns, learning presentations, they're not learning what they learned in school, they're keeping their minds sharp. >> they have great technology.
10:53 am
>> carly, thank you so much. we will be back with more in a moment. >> first this is "today" on nbc.
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10:56 am
something different on the red carpet. >> kristin stewart, julia roberts were spotted without shoes. we were asked is it okay or not okay for bare feet on the red carpet. >> as long as you're freshly pedicured go for it. nobody wants to look at rat ee feet. >> we are like twins. it is okay. check your pedi. >> it rhymes, just make sure to check your pedicure. >> i am proud of you. a perfect rhyme. >> whatever. >> look at this pedi.
10:57 am
can you show this pedi? >> that's a thing of beauty. >> don't do that on the red carpet. >> next week patricia heaton, paula patton. >> and performance by the goo goo dolls. >> have an awesome weekend, everybody. bye-bye. ody. bye-bye.
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11:00 am
welcome to paris on friday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. it is another gray day. it is a very cool day, but it has been dry. we have one remaining spot in the championships. roland garros 2016. andy murray is a set away from playing for this title for the first time. welcome to all of you. marry carillo, john mcenroe, ted robinson, our nbc sports team. novak djokovic, moments ago, completed his semifinal win.